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Rick PicHello,

This is about how music is probably the thing I always wanted the most to do. When I was four or five my parents had a piano delivered to our house, which was amazing actually because nobody played the piano in our house.  I’m not even sure they knew if I would be able to play it.  That question was answered immediately when I sat down and started playing the darn thing.  First chopsticks then other songs I could think of.  If I could hear it in my head, I could play some semblance of it on the instrument.  Ok there is no way this could ever be explained other than it was a gift.  In some ways it’s a curse because music would never leave me alone and would cause me to spend huge amounts of money on keyboards, guitars, effects, recorders, microphones, music books and on and on.

I think when I got my first real job I was walking into the plant and somebody asked my how I liked it there.  My answer was something like “oh I’m just doing this so I can set up my recording studio. That’s what I really want to do.”  Probably not too smart a thing to say to one of the future managers there. But Kip smiled and nodded “that’s cool”.

So here I am some 30 years later and still adding to my “studio” and kidding myself that someday I will sell something I’ve written.  But if I can help someone else get on with writing something good then that would be fantastic!  Then maybe they could put in a good word for me when they make it big in the music business.  Or maybe we could write something together I don’t know.

Just because I’m writing this on my website here doesn’t mean I’m any expert at writing music. It’s more of an acknowledgement that I’m afflicted with music and it’s something I think about and probably won’t run out of things to say any time soon – hopefully. Strange but I think music is something that won’t be picked – it picks.  It’s just a matter of the degree that you admit you have the big “M” stamped on your forehead.  Just because you’re a regular at the Guitar Center and you have a profile that goes back decades, doesn’t mean you have really admitted that you have the “M” stamped there.  Everyone else can see it, but that doesn’t mean you can.  And to most people it doesn’t mean anything anyway.  The “M” will only matter to one person – you.  Actually it matters to me too because I’m another musician – frustrated maybe but one just the same.

So what’s my point here?  There should be a point to all this right?  OK how about this; You could be Beethoven or Mozart or Donald Fagan or Paul Simon or Tom Petty and not be true to the “M” like they were.  Not throw your whole life into it like they did. You just internalized the “M” suppressed it. But all the time it’s there gnawing at your soul saying “Let me out! I have something desperately important to say!  You are keeping me locked up in here and I am good and fed up with it and if I ever get out of here you might be getting a Les Paul custom up side the head you jerk!” Sorry I got a little worked up there – wonder why?

So my folks did buy me a piano and lessons for years – I think 6 or 7.  Until one day I took some plans to a balsa wood Piper Cub in to show my piano teacher. I told him that this is what I want to do now.  Mike being the wonderful person that he was smiled and said “that’s cool”.

So I’ve been building airplanes ever since and wishing I had a song on Billboard that I’d written.  Something cool about residuals and all that.





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