Collaboration is Cool

One night we were jamming in the basement and I was playing this piece and Jeff came up with this song.  It was a one take but it has potential even though we wrote this like 11 years ago. Cool Pic Jeff – stole it!

part one

part two


  1. Vertical Veloxity

    Wow that sounds good!!! Very relaxing. Very good musical talent and very good vocals as well. I have been a music lover since I was a child.

    I love all types of music . But this is some good music to relax with. Can I download this. This is high quality. You all would be great playing at a nice Restaurant . Do your tour? Or do spots professionally or for fun?

    1. admin

      Vertical, Appreciate the compliment! I am not sure how you could download this pair of wave files. I did the piano riff and Jeff has the beautiful voice. Now he wants to re-finish Remember so I guess we’ll be collaborating again. I am strictly a studio rat. I have gigged out but it’s very rare. It’s wonderful what this website has done for me even tho I haven’t made a dime, YET!

  2. Kegan

    Sure is! That’s a might nice LP you have there among your gear, Rick – is it one of yours? It’s magic how an unprompted jam can come up with some of the coolest and the best ideas, you’re right – collaboration is mighty cool.

    Maybe a bit of info about what you were going for/how the riffs and tune took shape?

    1. admin

      Kegan, Thank you for the comments. I will elaborate more on how this song happened.


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