How to Make Up Lyrics

On this one I call Believe It, I just totally made up all the lyrics on the fly. Of course it helps to have a really cool signal processor for vocals to drive the creativity factor – or whatever you call it when you sort of feel a vibe with what you are doing. In this case I used a little machine that clips right on to the mic stand called a Voicelive Touch from TCHelicon.

It is very versatile and you can create five different settings out of six parameters – very cool! Someday I’ll figure out how it works even, but it does have some very nice effects. I used it on ‘Believe It’.

So this stemmed from a conversation with Lynnie about a doughnut she bought at Wally World that was so bad she asked for her money back. When that didn’t work she trashed it and left in a huff! So I layered that over some rising techno euro sounding feel good just do it kind of thing. Lynnie said she liked it and that doesn’t happen very often believe me.

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