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Here is one of the most fun things to do. Write something for someone you know. It doesn’t have to be a love song either. You don’t necessarily have to put their name in the song either.  In fact it may be better not to if it’s in anyway critical or derisive. Think of all the songs that are about people and aren’t positive. I’ve written many that aren’t. Not trying to be negative here but a lyric should be from the heart. If you feel strongly about something then the words are more likely to flow. To me lyrics are just a poem set to music. I think it’s far easier to write the music first but it can be the lyrics first as well.

About Someone You Know

Hunker Down Son

Devil Dog

For instance here’s one called ‘Devil Dog’.

Please note this has nothing to do with the Marines! I absolutely hold the Marines in the utmost regard. Now I’d never say who I wrote this for because he’s an old friend and if he found out he might unfriend me. Trust me I can’t afford to lose any friends over something like this. But for some reason I felt this one had to happen so it did. Whether or not it’s a good song is totally subjective of course. But this post is about how to write songs for people you know and it’s fun – lot’s of fun. I had to cut it in half for size.  Maybe the next post will let put the rest in.  Anyway if you can’t understand the lyrics just let me know and I’ll post them if anyone wants. They tell the story about a man that I came to know out on the contract road. Thank you!


  1. Gareth Martin

    Im not very talented when it comes to music, especially song writing but i have a friend that is in a band and always has trouble finding inspiration to write a meaningful song. I will send him to your website as i think he will find a lot of value in the information you have.

    1. admin

      As a fellow musician he may or he may think this is no help. Either way I would like him to comment on something in here. Thank you very much for the comment and the foreward to you friend Gareth!!!

  2. Adriana

    Awesome song LOL. I can relate to losing a friend over something like that. I would like to write one too but I have very few people in my life and I feel that it would be very obvious which one it will belong too. I do have issues coming up with the lyrics sometimes I get dreams or just little bursts but unfortunately I am only able to get down a few of them and then when I try to come up with things like verses, they make no sense and they sound like a seven-year-old wrote it. The seven-year-old would probably do better honestly but I will give it a shot. We having the lyrics directed at someone would help with the wordings

    1. admin

      So look at lyrics as poetry – what they sound like is more important than what they say. Write them down and then try to put them to music. That is when the real lyric writing starts. Making the phrasing work etc. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Nick

    I’ve always had a hard time coming up with lyrics for songwriting. Making up a catchy melody and some nice sounding chord progressions is something that I’m fairly confident about, but what the sing about…

    I have to admit that I’ve never really written a song about someone I that know before. Hey, it might be kind of fun! Although depending on who it’s about, I might not want to let them listen to it, lol! Kind of like Devil Dog.

    How long have you been writing music for?

    1. admin

      I wrote my first song at about 16. Before that I only covered other artists – Beethoven, Bach, Mozart etc : )


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