Music Writing Inspiration

Do You Play the Guitar?


If you get stuck and you start trying to play, and it’s just horrible and boring and you think what you are doing sucks, don’t worry about it, this is common. Go out and buy a new piece of equipment. I don’t care even if it’s a new set of guitar strings. You need some Super Slinky’s from Earnie – just do it and you’ll be great again!  Try it – it works.

So You’re a Keyboard Player


I’m a keyboard player. Classical piano is how I was trained for much of my youth. But I hate to admit that the best thing I ever bought to inspire my musical writing was a Taylor 312-CE. This little guitar is clean and LOUD it’s so well made. Fortunately I got it back when Taylor used solid wood to make this model year 1998. The live amp is very good for studio use but I only use a good mic on the sound hole – that’s all you need.

Taylor 312-CE reflecting sunlight

You are The Voice

I do recommend Blue Mics. Blue are fantastic microphones both in technology and aesthetics, they are eye candy and they work! I’m going to splice in a recording using exclusively Blue Mics.

Song Progression Writer