How To Make Your Music Relevant Again

Getting the Old Stuff Out There


So I wanted to play some songs that I had written with some friends in the past, way in the past. If you had music that you wrote years ago on legacy equipment you might ask how to make your music relevant again.

Simple. You have to get the latest technology and use it because it’s way easier to use than the old stuff.

I pulled out the first hard disk recorder that I bought some 16 years ago, a Roland VS880, and hooked up the speakers. Great, I finally remembered how to play back different songs. You had to use external scuzzy drives to get any catalog on this old machine. I found the song I wanted to play and it sounded real good I thought, clean and loud just like the day we recorded it.

I tried to figure out how to get windows 10 to record something and found no software suitable for that of course. WavePad Sound Editor came up in a google search and I downloaded the free version and started recording.

I Tried Out WavePad and Ended up Buying It


Having used pc software from years ago, I was blown away with how slick WavePad works. It used to be so complex to manipulate files. WavePad is super simple to use. I’m not tech savvy at all and was able to figure out the basics and there is much more that I didn’t get to.

Using my Blue USB Microphone I grabbed a recording from the VS880.

One of the WAV files unedited:

Something Cool to an Old Analog Recording Fool



This is a great way to get the old stuff out and digitize it.


  1. Liz

    Wow Wavepad seems like a great software for someone to use who is not tech savvy. My husband and I do Christian hip hop and although he is good with the rhythms, he has no ability to use the programs. In my opinion Windows 10 is not for music recording and producing. But I would love to tell my husband about Wavepad. Thanks for the information!

    1. Rick

      You can absolutely record with this software. This can enhance your recording too! You can take a wav file that you crated and edit with Wavepad until you like what you hear. This is so sophisticated that you can enhance and work it back to what you want.
      Best in your sound future,

  2. Leo

    I have always singing and have wrote a few pieces on my own. I always wanted to record it down and then I came across your recommendation of WavePad. It definitely sounds good that it’s simple to use without getting too technical and stuff. One concern I have is that some software are too complex and it made the recording process seem like a chore more than enjoyable.


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