The Story Behind the Music

One way, which always works for me, is to get inspiration when writing your own songs is to understand the story behind the music. The best way to understand a composition is get a quote from the author of course which you can get from the author. For example check this great one out: https: //

Donald, as always, knows what he’s doing when he writes a progression because of deep musical knowledge for blues and jazz, which he combines to make some of the best pop the world has ever seen.

I learned many of Fagen’s greats as a youngster like ‘Time Out of Mind’, ‘Babylon Sisters’, ‘Goucho’ etc. The chords always influenced what I wrote. That’s not plagiarism by the way!

Here’s something with chords that might have come from Steely Dan called ‘Told You’.


What I’m trying to say is that to learn what you want to do musically, you need to see the notes and understand the story behind the music. One source for free and paid music is Sheet Music Plus to help you in your study of what kind of music you like.

Thank you for your time!

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